Feline Pine Original Cat Litter, 40-Pound Bags

Feline Pine  Original Cat Litter, 40-Pound Bags picture 1

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter, 40-Pound Bags

Feline Pine  Original Cat Litter, 40-Pound Bags

Feline pine is the best but you can get cheaper
Feline pine is the best litter if you use it correctly and make sure to get all the moisture in contact with the pellets.

What I was pleasantly shocked to find out is that FP is NOT a new concept. It is just new marketing. FP is the same as stall pellets used for livestock. You can get the EXACT product for $6-7 per 40 lbs bag at a local feed store. I live in the city and don’t have a local feed store but while driving on vacation passed one and picked up several bags.

If you can’t get to a feed store. FP is also the same as SOME stove pellets. Buy pellets with no additives if you buy stove pellets.

FP = stall pellets = stove pellets (wo accelerators).

Keep using this litter but save yourself a lot of money by getting the unmarketed product. Feel free to call Feline Pine who will confirm that their price is because of advertising. Kudos to then for getting the product to the masses though. They are a great company.
Miracle Product
My review for the 20 lb. bag (I order both, it’s the same stuff):

This stuff is absolutely incredible. I’m allergic to just about everything, including the dust that rises off of traditional clay and silica litter. If you have a special room for your litter, you’ll notice that regular dust gets on every surface. It’s disturbing, really. That stuff is going into your lungs you know. Feline Pine has NO DUST. Pour it out, and your litter area smells pleasantly of a lumber yard (well, I find that pleasant). When cats use the box, urine breaks down the pellets and is absorbed. Solid waste sits on top. You only run into trouble if your cat has gastrointestinal track problems – loose bowel movements are more difficult to scoop. The pellets track a bit, but they’re large and a litter mat will slow their progress across a room.

Now, I will offer one caveat: this litter is terrific, but only if you use the right box. If you use a regular, non-sifting box, the…
Nice Litter – Eradicates Odors on the Spot!
I used Feline Pine for years until I discovered Nature’s Logic Ponderosa Pine Cat Litter that was just slightly more economical. In theory, they do the same exact thing.

Here is what I like:

1) Pleasant pine smell really hides the smell of cat urine.
2) Turns from pellets to sawdust (time to change the box).
3) Easy to scoop.
4) Safe for kitties.
5) No dust clouds

Here is what I don’t like so much:

1) If you don’t keep on top of it, the sawdust can track,
2) Pellets can track and they are hard.

The pros from my experience far outweigh the cons. I did try the Nature’s Earth Feline Pine Scoop Cat Litter for several months with my 5 cats but found that the “flakes” from the Feline Pine Clumping litter tracked everywhere.

Overall, pine beats the clay…
Product Features

  • Net quantity of 40 pounds
  • Chemical free and safe for your cat; 100 percent natural
  • Designed for multiple cat homes
  • No dust and no tracking
  • Scoop fully absorbs liquid, just like thousands of tiny sponges

Product Descriptions
Description : 100% Natural Pine destroys odors without perfumes, additives or messy clouds of dust. It’s the smart choice for the health of your cat and your home.

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