Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Packages (Pack of 6)

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Packages (Pack of 6) image 001

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Packages (Pack of 6)

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Packages (Pack of 6)

Great System, but not inexpensive
I have two cats (male, 12 pounds & female, 7 pounds) and just switched from the Scoop Free (because I had to scoop constantly due to my cat’s litter habits) to the Breeze.

I love the Breeze because it is very easy, low maintenance, and has excellent odor control. The only negative is the maintenance cost, but I figured out the usage for my household and it’s virtually the same cost as the Scoop Free system. It is not an economical system compared to scoopable litter, clay litter, or all natural litter alternatives. You are paying for convenience and the neatness. It’s really mess-free and I never have to touch the pad, just dump the tray into the trash.

I’m confused by some of the poor reviews because it really is a simple system. Honestly, you’d have to be really drunk or half brain dead to screw it up. It has to be used as a complete system. It doesn’t work if you try to not use the pads or take some other random cost-cutting measure. I cannot figure…
Works, but still sticks to poop. Washable!
I got my 6-pack in a larger bag that was packed in a cardboard box about 2 weeks ago – no tears or rips in any of the packs. Thanks to the Amazon Subcription Service, cat litter is now delivered to my door with free shipping and I don’t have to lug a 20lb bag from the store anymore.

Reason for the 4 stars: Poop still sticks to the pellets and I lose a few everytime I scoop, and it does not control poop odor. But that’s ok, I just use an air freshener spray. I use 1.5 bags each time since 1 pack doesn’t seem to be enough.

Anyway, the pellets are washable! I was curious – so I tried and the pellets weren’t all that dirty anyway as I had already scooped the dirty (pop-covered) ones out. I poured the used litter into the bottom part of an old hooded litter box that had hot water and detergent in it (I use the hood for the Breeze litterbox!). I let it soak for about 20 mins whilst I washed and dried the Breeze litter box, changed the pee pad, and poured in a new bag…
wait, my house doesn’t smell like I have 6 cats
Was VERY leary of this working as advertised. There are 6 cats in the household now that 2 household have been combined due to the rough economy. I hated the regular clumping cat litter, litter got every where and it smelled with in 2 days of changing out the litter of all of the cat boxes even with being scooped out 1-2 times a day. We have 5 cat boxes in the house, I alone was going through 56 lbs of clumping litter every 2 weeks in my 3 boxed (2 cats/ and 2 boxes are not mine to upkeep) Everytime my sister in law would come over, she would tell me my cat boxes stink and I should try the litter she uses. Well now she comes over and says “wow, I don’t smell cat boxes as all…I need to get that for my cats”

I did what was recomended, setting it up next to the old boxes, putting a cup of the pellets in their old boxes and letting their old boxes get dirty. After 3 days…they still had not used the breeze system. I was fretting…and the stench from dirty boxes was melting…
Product Features

  • Pack of six, 3.5-pound litter refills (total of 21.0-pound units)
  • Litter pellets that are 99.9 percent dust free
  • Quick and easy removal of wastes

Product Descriptions
Description : Breeze litter pellets are cat-friendly and non-tracking. Unlike traditional clay litter, Breeze uses specially designed litter pellets that are 99.9 percent dust free. Breeze litter pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling unit. The urine is quickly absorbed leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal.

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